Jan 022015
Fit vs. Suit


This video explains the difference between commonly confused words like Fit and Suit. The explanation and the examples given are very simple and easily understandable. Keep visiting for such free and valuable lessons.

Video Script: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Reuben and you are watching Wabs Talk videos. Well, I believe you all agree that English is a funny language. And, sometimes there are plenty of grammatical points, plenty of phrases and even simple words that can be similar and confusing. Their applications can be confusing at the same time. Two such words are on the board today. Fit and suit. So, today we are going to discuss proper applications, with examples, of these words. Fit and suit. All the detail is here right on the board. I have tried to make sure that the language is easy enough for even the beginners to understand. So, let’s go to the board and have a look at these words. First of all, we’ll start with fit. Fit refers to size and shape, which is neither too big nor too small. It properly fits you. For example, this shirt doesn’t fit me. Perhaps it’s a little big. It doesn’t fit me. Right? or I can say this vest fits me. It’s neither too big not too small. It fits me properly. Right? Secondly, we have suit. Suit refers to, first of all, style, colour, shape, etc. For example, this white shirt suits me with this black vest. Well, I like it. I don’t know if you like it. Secondly, proper arrangements. When all the arrangements have been properly made, then also you can use this word suit. For example, Sunday would suit for the meeting. Obviously, most of us are free during Sunday. Sunday is like a holiday. So, if you want to have an informal meeting with a friend or perhaps your girlfriend, Sunday would suit. I hope, this lesson helped you. And, I hope you could understand everything properly. Thank you for watching this video and keep visiting our you tube channel Wabs Talk and our website www.wabstalk.com for more such video lessons. Ciao!

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