Jan 272015
Fall For vs. Fall Out vs. Fall Behind


Video script: Hi friends! You are watching Wabs Talk video. I am Chetna and today’s lesson we are gonna start with ‘phrasal verbs’. I will use very easy language to help you understand this topic. So, today’s phrasal verbs are gonna be with the verb ‘fall’. ‘Fall out, fall for and fall behind’. Fall out. It means ‘to quarrel’. The siblings fell out over their inheritance. It means they quarreled over their inheritance. Fall for, ‘to fall in love with someone’. Tom fell for Ruby when he first saw her at the party. I think you all are familiar with novel ‘Half girlfriend’. In this novel, the boy Madhav fell for Riya when he first saw her at the basketball court. Fall behind, ‘fail to do something fast enough or on time’. For example, I was ill last week and fell behind my work. It means ‘I was not able to complete my work’. I hope this lesson was useful and for more visit our website www.wabstalk.com and our you tube channel .Wabs Talk’. Thank you!

Institute information: Wabs Talk specializes in training of English Language. It is run by a team of experienced teachers who have been teaching English for more than a decade.

Concept of Wabs Talk has evolved with a mission of spreading Spoken English in the whole world. Special emphasis will be on simple techniques or ways that can make learning of English quite a simple task. Our aim is to impart education in regular training centers as well as online.

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