Jun 112015

I am Dr. Priyansh Sharma (M.S Surgery) I did Public Speaking Course from, WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar). Here coaching is awesome. Atmosphere is student friendly. Our trainers are excellent and have marvelous command over their subject. They keep introducing new techniques to help students get rid off their hesitation and nervousness. Best part is they focus on every student so that every student is able to get the best out of him. We have group discussions, debates, role plays, presentations, speeches, anchoring, extempore, advertisement speaking , calling practice, listening practice and many more activities. We have personality development sessions and interview sessions. We have audio and video recording very often so that we are able to see where we are improving and how much we are improving. Feedback is always there from our trainers and students to help us improve further. I am able to remove my hesitation and fear I had in my mind. At last I have learnt a lot and have improved my skills. Thank You WabsTalk.

Dr. Priyansh
M.S Surgery

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