Oct 042015
How To Use Question Tags


This video explains the usage of ‘Question Tags’ with examples. The application rules of grammar and intonation, both, have been explained. There are some exceptions to the rule and they are also explained with examples. We hope you enjoy the lesson!

Wabs Talk specializes in training of English Language.  It is run by a team of experienced teachers who have been teaching English for more than a decade.

Concept of Wabs Talk has evolved with a mission of spreading Spoken English in the whole world.  Special emphasis will be on simple techniques or ways that can make learning of English quite a simple task.  Our aim is to impart education in regular training centers as well as online.

People of India, USA, Europe, Australia and other countries are availing the opportunity of learning Written and Spoken English from websites of WABS (World Academy of Business Solutions). It is always wise to follow the leader who has expertise.

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