Dec 032015

English Conversation between friends

Piyush: Hey!

Aashish: Hi brother! How are you doing?

Piyush: I am great. What about you?

Aashish: I am also great. So where are you these days? I haven’t seen you in an eternity (long time).

Piyush: Yes. I have been wrapped up (busy) in work. How about you?

Aashish: I have been studying for CAT. I have exam in couple of months.

Piyush: ohhh! So you have plans to do MBA. Which functional area you are interested in?

Aashish: I want to do MBA in Finance.

Piyush: That is good. It is hot (in demand) in the market.

Aashish: How is your work going?

Piyush: All well.

Ashish: Are you planning to continue working with the same firm or looking for a switch (change) ?

Piyush: I have signed a bond which will be expiring in 45 days and after that I will be switching. But I have plans for vacations before joining my new company.

Ashish: Where are you travelling too?

Piyush: I am planning for an expedition (journey) to Leh and Ladak.

Ashish: That will be thrilling (exciting)

Piyush: Do you want to come with us? It will be fun.

Ashish: Sure but I will have to check my schedule first.

Piyush: Sure do let me know.

Ashish: Ok. I will. Hope to see you soon.

Piyush: Yeah. Keep in touch. Goodbye

Ashish: Goodbye

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