Jan 042016
8 Cool Ways to Say Shut Up in English

Video Script: Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is Reuben! Ladies and gentlemen! Sometimes, we come across people who are really irritating. And, we desperately wanna ask them to shut up. Now, if you wanna sound really cool and heavy while saying it, listen to me very carefully. I am gonna tell you 8 different ways to tell people to shut up. Let’s go to the board and figure out. The first one in the list is: ‘Put a Sock in It!’ It means impolitely asking someone to stop talking. Right? Take this example: Put a Sock in It mate! I’m trying to work. The second one in the list is: ‘Shut Your Pie Hole!’ It’s a rude way to ask someone to shut up. Right? In office or professional environments, do not use this. Take this example: Shut Your Pie Hole and do your job. Another one, ‘Zip it up!’ Slang for asking someone to be quiet. You can say: Zip it up and listen to me, for example. ‘Put a Cork in It! Or Cork It!’ For example: Cork it up and go to school. There are more example that are not fitting on the board. Let’s go to screen two and figure out. So, in screen two, I am gonna tell you the remaining ways to say shut up. Number 5: ‘Button it!’ It means rudely telling someone to shut up. And, the example goes like this: Button it or I’ll go home. Another one: ‘Wind Your Neck in!’ It means telling someone to calm down. Like, wind your neck in, I am trying to watch a movie. And, number 7: ‘Simmer Down!’ It means calm down after some exciting. So, simmer it down or your head will blow. This is the example. And the last one in the list: ‘Pipe Down!’ Another way to say shut up. Tell them to pipe it down because I can’t work. Alright? Thank you for listening! I hope this video helps you! If you wanna know about more such lessons, you can visit our you tube channel or you can visit our website! The link is given in the description. And, if you want classroom sessions, you can again visit our website (www.wabstalk.com). You will get all the details you are looking for! Thank you for watching! Have a good day!

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