Jan 282017

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A student blacked out during assembly and he had to sit down and rest.

He is a yellow-bellied. He didn’t help me when a thief snatched my bag.

He is a shrinking violet whenever a girl talks to him, he doesn’t express himself.

There is one common thing among these sentences, that is colors like black, yellow and violet.

Are you confused?

Well, you need not be confused because in English there are many colors related idioms through which you can express many things.

The following is a list of color related idioms with easy examples.

1. White Elephant

Meaning: If you call something a white elephant, you consider it useless although it may have cost a lot of money.

This sports car is a white elephant because I can not drive this car in Delhi’s traffic.

2. Paint the town red

Meaning: If you paint the town red, you go out and enjoy a lively evening in bars, clubs etc.

When Mumbai Indians won match, the team players painted the town red.

3. Silver tongued

Meaning: A smooth talker. Who speaks so convincingly that he manages to persuade other to do what he wants.


I have got selected for salesman job because I am silver tongued.

4. Golden opportunity

Meaning: Golden opportunity is a favourable time or an excellent occasion which should not be missed.


Lisa: Mother, should I accept this job?
Mother: Yes, you must accept this job because working with Emirates airlines will be golden opportunity for your career.

5. Blue around the gills

Meaning: If a person looks like blue around gills means that people is unwell or sick.


Lisa: Roy, you are looking blue around the gills. What happened to you?
Roy: Actually I didn’t eat breakfast in morning and now I am feeling unwell.

6. Yellow- bellied

Meaning: If you are yellow bellied means you are coward or not at all brave.


This boy is yellow- bellied and is never willing to fight for what is right.

7. In the pink of health

Meaning: You are in an excellent physical condition.


He looks in the pink of health because he runs 5 km daily.

8. Black out

Meaning: Fall unconscious.


My mother blacked out and collapsed on the floor after listening news about my an accident.

9. Green light

Meaning: If you give or get the green light, you give or get a signal or authorization to do something.


We Will launch the campaign as soon as we get a green light.

10. Grey matter

Meaning: Grey matter refers to the brain or the grey color of brain tissue. Has to do with intelligence.

Police: Can you tell us the look of that thief and what did he wear?
Girl: He wore red shirt and blue denim. But I have forgot his look.
Police: Try using your grey matter and you may remember his look.

11. White lie

Meaning: If you tell a white lie, you say something which is not true in order to protect someone or to avoid hurting their feelings.


I told a white lie to my brother about his girlfriend’s behavior towards me.

12. Red handed

Meaning: If a person is caught red-handed, they are caught while they are doing something wrong or illegal.


She was caught red handed when she was stealing my notes.

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