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In English, the modals will and would are more frequently used but there is a significant difference between them. Let us stand the difference between will and would in easy language with examples. The following explanation will clarify the noticeable difference.

It is used:-
1. To talk about future.
2. To make offers and promises.
3. in conditionals with if and unless to say what will happen in future.

Examples: –
1. I will meet my friend next week.
2. I promise I will not disclose the secret.
3. I will be late.
4. I will not forgive her unless he apologises.

It is used:-
1. As the past tense of will.
2. To show politeness.
3. For offers and invitation.
4. To talk about hypothetical things that are imagined rather than true.

1. She told me that she would be late.
2. They would like to take bread and butter in breakfast.
3. Would you please move a bit?
4. Would that I were a doctor!

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