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Most of the people get nervous when it comes to speak English and they can’t express their feelings or ideas properly because they have nervousness/anxiety issue.

Well, sometimes nervousness is good and telling about your nervousness feeling in English is like the cherry on the cake.

Here are some idioms to express nervousness. After reading this article, you can turn your weakness of nervousness into your strength.

1. Break out in cold sweat.

If you break out in cold sweat, you start to perspire (to produce  a clear liquid from your skin when you are nervous) a lot due to anxious.

1. Whenever I have to speak on stage, I break out in cold sweat.
2. Students break out in cold sweat whenever principal enters in class.

2. Butterflies in your stomach.

If you have butterflies in your stomach it means you are feeling anxiety or uncontrollable excitement.

1. I have butterflies in my stomach, whenever I see my crush.
2. Last year she had to dance in her friend’s birthday party at that time she had butterflies in her stomach.

3. Bundle of nerves.

If you see someone extremely anxious and worried about something, you can describe that person as a bundle of nerves.

1. Jacky: Hey Lisa finally you met your favorite actor.
Lisa: You should have seen me before my meeting. I was a bundle of nerves!
2. Lisa: Hey Jacky! On that day, you were looking nervous. What happened?
Jacky: Lisa I got message from my dad that he had found cigarette in my room so I was a bundle of nerves.

4. Heebie – jeebies

A state of nervousness is called heebie – jeebies.

1. I can’t go out in dark because darkness gives me heebie – jeebies.
2. Whenever my mother talks about my marriage, her talks give me heebie – jeebies.

5. Like a cat on hot bricks.

If you are like a cat on hot bricks, you are very nervous or restless.

1.When a girl asked me if I could give my number to her, I was like a cat on hot bricks
2. In party, when a boy asked me if I could dance with him, I was feeling like a cat on hot bricks.

6. Heart in one’s mouth.

A person who has his/her heart in his/her mouth feels extremely nervous.

1. My heart was in my mouth when I entered the manager’s room for interview.
2. She had her heart in her mouth when she performed first time in IIFA awards.

7. Shake like a leaf.

If you shake like a leaf, you shiver with nervousness.

1. At the beginning of the first lecture, students were shaking like a leaf.
2. When my father asked me where I had lost his wallet, I was shaking like a leaf.

8. On pins and needles.

If you are on pins and needles, you are very anxious about what is going to happen.

1. My mother is always on pins and needles until I reach home safely.
2. Parents are always on pins and needles until baby takes birth.

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