Jan 222017

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“I was shocked after hearing that my friend has passed away”.

“Students were in shock when teacher took surprise test”.

Well, these two sentences are expressing ‘shock’ feeling. But using “shocked” word every time sounds boring and common.

In English, expressing happiness is a bit easy but when it comes to express ‘shock’, it becomes tricky.

So, How can we express shock?

You need not worry because here are some expressions with easy examples that you can use to express shock.😳

1. Be Taken Aback

If you are taken aback, you are in deep shock.

1. One foreign student was taken aback when she saw boys were pissing in college ground.

2. Her parents were taken aback when she told them that she had got married.

2. Words fail me

We use this idiom when we are shocked by something and don’t know what to say about it.

1. Although she is your best friend, yet she always speaks against you. Now what will you do?
Words fail me. I have never seen a person like her.

2. Have you heard that he had hit his sister.
Yes, words fail me. I have never seen anything like that.

3. Rooted to the spot.

If you are rooted to the spot, you are so shocked that you are unable to move.

1. He stood rooted to the spot when he saw a truck hit a man.

2. When a snake came in front of him he got terrified and stood rooted to the spot.

4. Be Struck dumb.

If you are struck dumb, you are unable to speak because you are so shocked and frightened by something.

1. I was struck dumb when my mother was scolding me without any reason.

2. We were struck dumb when she told us that she had resigned from office.

5. Jump out of one’s skin.

If you jump out of your skin, you are extremely shocked by something.

1. When he saw the notice letter which court had sent to him, he jumped out of his skin.

2. After seeing lizard on her bed, she jumped out of her skin.

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