Jan 292017

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Neha looks gorgeous in red dress.

Alizeh looks attractive whenever she wear golden gown.

In these two sentences I have given compliment to Alizeh and Neha.

Giving compliment is common but how we give compliment matters a lot.

We have been using words like gorgeous, attractive, classy, good-looking etc. for many years.

Can we praise someone in new and interesting way?

There are many Idioms and phrases which we can use to admire someone’s beauty. Here is a list with easy explanation and examples.

1. Cut a dash

A person who makes a striking impression by their appearance and attractive clothes.


1.Alia Bhatt cut a dash when she wore red dress in Dear Zindagi.

2. Kareena kapoor cut a dash when she wore Sabyasachi’s dress.

2. Dressed up to the nines

A person, dressed up to the nines, is wearing very smart or glamorous clothes.


1.Rahul: Alizeh you will win Miss Fresher of Hindu college.
Alizeh: How do you know about it?
Rahul: Well, because you are dressed up to the nines.

2. We should dressed up to the nines for Valentine’s day.

3. Not a hair out of place

Your appearance is perfect.


1.Look at Heer, she hasn’t even applied makeup and yet has not a hair out of place.

2. She is always impeccably dressed – never has a hair out of place.

4. Look like a million dollars

If you look like a million dollars, you look extremely good.


1.Heer: Ayan, I got hair cut yesterday.
Ayan: In this new hair style, you are looking like a million dollars.

2. Daughter: Which dress should I choose?
Mother: You should choose pink color dress. You always look like a million dollars in pink.

5. Dressed to kill

When someone, especially a woman, is dressed to kill means she is wearing very fashionable and glamorous clothes, intended to attract attention.


1.Alia Bhatt is always dressed to kill during movies’ promotions.
2. Kareena kapoor dressed to kill at the IIFA awards.

6. Take breath away

Too beautiful to handle.


1. The beauty of the princess Mumtaz Mahal took Shah Jahan’s breath away.

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