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If you want to speak better English, you need to learn about how you can express your feelings to someone.

All human beings like expressing their feelings. But sometimes, few people get confused how to express their feelings like happiness and sadness to someone in a proper way.

Here are some idioms related to emotions with easy examples. By using these idioms, you can tell people whether you are happy or sad.

Idioms to express happiness😁

1. On top of the world

If you feel on top of the world, you are extremely happy because everything is going well for you.

I am feeling on top of the world because I have got admission in Hindu college.

2. Over the moon

If you are over the moon, it means you are extremely pleased and happy about something.

I was over on moon when my mother gave me a new phone on my birthday.

3. In seventh heaven

If you are in seventh heaven it means you are in very happy state.

Every time he wins a football match, he is in seventh heaven!

4. A whale of time.

When people have a good time, have an exciting or fun time.

How was your New year party?
Oh amazing, there were a lots of friend. We were playing games, singing and dancing. We had a whale of time.

5. On cloud nine.

If you are on cloud nine it means you are very happy because something wonderful has happened.

She is on cloud nine because her dream has completed. She has got call from airline that she has selected for pilot job.

6. walk on air

When you are happy or excited because of a pleasant event that makes you feel as if you were floating, you are walking on air.

My sister has been walking on air since her painting won first prize.

Idioms to express sadness 😔

1. Down in the dumps

If you are down in the dumps it means you are depressed or feeling gloomy.

My brother has been down in the dumps since a girl refused his proposal.

2. Heartbroken

When a person suffers from or exhibiting overwhelming sorrow, grief, or disappointment.

She was heartbroken when she lost Miss World title.

3. Feel blue

To feel blue means to have feelings of deep sadness or depression.

Students feel blue if they don’t clear exam.

4. Heart sinks

If your heart sinks, you feel very unhappy and despondent.

Whenever I see any beggar my heart sinks.

5. Face like a wet weekend

If someone has a face like a wet weekend, they look sad and miserable.

When somebody stole his wallet at party, he had face like a weekend all day.

6. To be “Down in the mouth”.

To be sad or depressed.

She is down in the mouth because her dog had died.

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