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Kavya: Reehan, I have heard that you lost competition.
Reehan: AH! Yes you have heard right.
Kavya: How can it be possible? You were well prepared.
Reehan : Actually, I got confused between two words aid and aide.
I should have used aide instead of aid.
Kavya: Oh! These homonyms issue! Now and then, I also get confused.

Homonyms are confusing words. They either look alike, sound alike or look and sound alike but have completely different meanings.

The following list of pairs of commonly confused homonyms with easy examples will help you get clarity about some of them.

1. Annual vs. Annul

Annual: Refers to “yearly”. Means covering the period of a year.

1. Roy: I have got job.
Lisa: Hurrah! What about annual package?
Roy: I’ll get 10 lacs.

2. Alizeh : Sarah, I have joined Super Women Gym. I have paid annual amount and got 15% discount. You should also join.
Sarah: I’ll think about it.

Annul: Means to “make void or invalid”.


1. On 8 December, 2016, the prime minister announced to annul ₹500  and ₹1,000 notes.

2. She had to hire a lawyer to annul her marriage.

2. Ascent vs. Assent

Ascent: Means ‘climb’


The ascent to the top of the mountain is not easy and only skilled climbers can achieve this feat.

Assent: Means to agree or to approve of something.


1. The workers proposed a plan and boss assented.

2. Police: Have you killed that person?
Murderer: Yes.
Police: After 5 hours, murderer has assented to his crime.

3. Biannual vs. Biennial

Biannual: Refers to “twice in one year”.


1. Students have to take exams biannual.

2. I visit hospital biannual for regular checkup.

Biennial: Refers to “every two years”.


1. These flowers are biennial; they bloom every two years.

2. Roy: Wow What an amazing event! Did I miss this event last year?
Ayan: No! You didn’t miss. This event holds biennial and you joined here last year.

4. Hoard vs. Horde

Hoard: Means “to collect and keep for oneself secretly”


1. Squirrels hoard acorns during the winter.

2. Any country hoards some amount for emergency.

Horde: Refers to “large group”.


1. A horde of people were protesting against the inflation.

2. Many hordes of doctors saved many lives when earthquake came.

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