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Brother: Sister, What’s your favorite movie name I have forgotten?
Sister: That’s Finding Nemo, brother. I love fish. Should we purchase an aquarium?
Brother: Okay, we will purchase but before that I want to tell you something related to fish.
Sister: What do you want to tell me?
Brother: Idioms related to fish with which you can express many things.

As you have seen in this conversation, this article is about ‘Idioms Related to Fish’.

Let’s figure out the uses of ‘Fish Related Idioms’ with easy examples.

1. Fish for a Compliment


To try to induce someone to make a compliment.


My sister loves to fish for a compliment whenever she wears new dress.

2. Fish in Troubled Water


Try to take advantage of a shaky or unstable situation.


Most politicians do fishing in troubled water when any terror attack happens.

3. Sounds/Smells Fishy


If something sounds or smells fishy, you are suspicious about it.


1. Alizeh: Roy, look at those girls they stopped talking to each other as soon as I entered the class.

Roy: Really it sounds fishy. You should be careful.

2. Ayan: Roy, I think something smells fishy in office.
Roy: Why?
Ayan: Yesterday boss was curious about this meeting but now when meeting is about to start he is not interested.

4. Have Other/Bigger Fish to Fry


To have other more important things to do.

1. Daughter: Mother, can we go for movie on coming Sunday?
Mother: No dear, we can’t go on coming Sunday as I have other fish to fry.

2. Heer: Roy, I have submitted reports to boss. Now let’s go for coffee.
Roy: No I can’t as I have a bigger fish to fry.

5. Drink Like a Fish


A person who drinks like a fish is the one who drinks a lot.


1. Lisa: Heer, Why aren’t you talking to Sahil?
Heer: I am upset with him because he drank like a fish last night.

2. Rohan : Lisa, Let’s go for a party tonight.
Lisa: Who will drop me at home?
Rohan: Aman will drop you.
Lisa: But Aman drinks like a fish. How will he drive?
Rohan: Then I’ll drop you.
Lisa: Hurrah!

6. Be Like a Fish Out of Water


To feel uncomfortable in a situation.


1. Daughter: Mother, I am thinking I should join Wabs Talk to learn English.
Mother: That’s great but suddenly why are you thinking about it?
Daughter: When my all friends speak in English, I always feel like a fish out of water.

2. When my all friends were dancing, as a non-dancer, I was feeling like a fish out of water at the club.

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