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One, two, three! What are they?
They all are Numbers.

Usually, people think we can use numbers only for calculating something, in mathematics or in currency.

Well, we can use numbers for expressing many things in English too.

Through this article, you will get to know about the use of Numbers to express something in English with the help of easy examples.

1. Give me Five

You want someone to tap your open hand as a greeting or to show joy.

1.”Give me five!” I shouted when my brother won football match.
2. Hey little boy, our country had won the match, give me five!

2. Better Half

Your better half is your husband or wife.

1. Heer: Lisa, we are making a plan for night out. You should come with us.
Ayan: She won’t come with us without her better half.
2. Alizeh: Kaira, should we girls party at my home tonight?
Kaira: What about your husband?
Alizeh: My better half is not coming tonight.

3. Fifth Wheel

This expression refers to people who find themselves in a situation where their presence is unnecessary and as a result they feel useless.

1. As the third person along on their date, I felt like a fifth wheel.
2. Whenever her brother gets pocket money, she always feels like the fifth wheel in her family.

4. Million Dollar Question

An important but difficult question.

1. The million dollar question is whether we should buy a new car or not.
2. Will Donald Trump fulfill his all promises?
That’s a million dollar question.

5. Half the Battle

It refers to a significant part of the effort or work needed to achieve something.


1. Don’t worry about results you should attend the competition, attending the competition means half the battle.

2. If you have researched about the company before the interview. You have won half the battle.

6. Kill Two Birds with One Stone

To achieve two aims with one effort or action.

1. By studying on the plane on the way to the university, he killed two birds with one stone.
2. Daughter: Mother, I am going for a meeting at Saket and in evening I’ll attend my friend’s birthday party too. Party’s location is close to that office.
Mother: Okay! It means you will kill two birds with one stone.

7. Nine Times Out of Ten

When something happens nine times out of ten, it is what usually happens.

1. The public transport system is very bad. Trains arrive late nine times out of ten.

2. Nine times out of ten, people get late for office due to traffic.

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