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Daughter: Mother, what is the importance of SUN, MOON and STARS in our life?

Mother: SUN, MOON and STARS provide us natural light.

Daughter: Do you know mother we can use them to express many things? My English teacher taught me about it.

Mother: Really? I didn’t have any idea about it.

As you have seen in this conversation, I have mentioned about The SUN, The MOON and STARS.

In this article, I am going to share the use of SUN, MOON and STARS related idioms, which you can use to express lots of things.

Let’s figure out their use with meanings and easy examples.

SUN Related Idioms

1. Make Hay while the Sun Shines


This expression is used as an encouragement to take advantage of a good situation which may not last.

1. Alia: Ayan, I am thinking I should go Ladakh on college trip.
2. Ayan: Why not? This is our last college trip, let’s make hay while the sun shines.

2. Rehaan: Arman, I am thinking to propose Alia, She is also giving me green signals.
Arman: If she is giving you green signals, make hay while the sun shines.

2. Place in the Sun

Meaning: If you have your place in the sun, you find wealth, happiness or whatever you are looking for in life.


1. Lisa: Hurrah! Now you have your own restaurant. After struggling for years, you have finally found a place in the sun.

2. When her all books sold out, she found a place in the sun.

MOON Related Idioms

1. Moonlight Flit


Someone who does a moonlight flit leaves a place quickly and in secret, usually to avoid paying debts.


1. Heer: Look at him. He is a cheap stake.
Lisa: Why are you saying this?
Heer: When I was collecting students contribution after party he did a moonlight flit.

2. Alia: I’ll never talk to Ayan.
Reehan: Why?
Alia: On 1st January, I met him at a restaurant. When I was asking the waiter about bill. He did moonlight flit and I had to pay the whole bill.

STARS Related Idioms

1. Stars in One’s Eyes

The state of being overly or extremely impressed and happy.


1. I had stars in my eyes when my fiance kissed me.

2. Alizeh had stars in her eyes when she won IPhone 7.

2. Thank One’s Lucky Stars


Feel great for one’s great fortune.


1. I thanked my lucky stars when I was about to slip from stairs but suddenly my friend came and held me.

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