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Know Your Material

• Pick a subject you are interested in.
• Know more about the subject than the content you include in your speech.
• Craft an interesting title of your speech.
• Begin with a BANG!
• USE Humour, USE Personal stories, USE acronym, USE analogies, USE controversial language.
That way you won’t forget what to say!

Practice, Practice, & Practice!
• Practice with the equipment you will be using.
• Practice pausing and breathing.

Know The “Audience”
• GREET your audience.
• Ask your audience a question.
• Pay a compliment to the audience.

Know The Space
• Arrive early
• Walk around the speaking area.
• Practice using the mic or any visual aids.

Relax! Relax Seriously!
• Be yourself
• Address the audience; it buys you confidence and calms your nerves.
• Before you say anything, PAUSE, SMILE and COUNT TO THREE!
• Don’t forget to smile.

Visualise Yourself Giving Your Speech
• Imagine your voice loud, clear and confident.
• Imagine the audience clapping.
• Realise that people WANT you to succeed

Aristotle Rule
• Ethos: credibility
• Logos: empathy or emotion
• Pathos: logic

Never Apologize
• The audience probably never notice your nervousness.
• Instead of drawing attention to the fault, stress the strong part of your presentation.

Concentrate on the MESSAGE
• Get your attention off your own anxieties.
• Focus instead on getting your message across the audience.

The 6 BEs
• Be organised
• Be clear (words)
• Be direct (eye contact)
• Be open (body language)
• Be vocal (voice)
• Be yourself

Gain Experience

• Experience makes you the champion.

• Experience makes you proficient.
• Experience makes you perfect.
• Experience changes you from TERRIFIED to CONFIDENT.

So, this is how you can step into the shoes of an expert!

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