Mar 142017

(Join: 9999947824) Performance anxiety?
It can be a tool to enhance your public speaking… only if you hack it the right way!
Public speaking and performance anxiety go hand in hand for many people. Nightmares like forgetting lines, losing notes, or fumbling over words can wake some folks up in the middle of the night howling. The truth is, being a fearless public speaker isn’t about getting rid of your fear, nor is it about suppressing it. It’s about transforming that fear into energy and excitement. Performance anxiety can become a useful tool when you learn to see yourself clearly and challenge your evaluation of potential negative consequences; eliminate the tendency to ‘need to be perfect’; and, increase your positive self-talk.

Channel your anxiety into excitement!

What we call ‘fear’ or anxiety is just adrenaline that’s being judged. The idea is to consider adrenaline rush as a positive anticipation, to channel that energy into your presentation and create a genuine passion to which an audience will respond. Truly almost every person who speaks in public, experiences some performance anxiety before taking the stage, even professional speakers. What the seemingly confident and polished speakers have accomplished is expressing their fear in a different way. They’ve given up the nightmare. Passion is what we remember about a speaker – not their confidence. Audiences are enthralled by delicious, humble, genuine, and emotional public speaking experiences, so if you really want to move your audience, that’s where you need to live as a speaker. Public speaking fears are maintained by you. The good news is since they are created by you they can also be CHANGED by you. You can turn that anxiety into passion and excitement, by flipping the way you feel about those butterflies in your stomach.

So, challenge the nightmare of performance anxiety.

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