Mar 072017

(Join: 9999947824) Sometimes you want to share something you strongly believe in. You feel it is important for the world to hear you. But then you are afraid of the reaction of your audience. What if it creates a massive emotional upheaval?

It’s alright. Breathe! Do not gulp.
Get up on the stage and speak with power and purpose. Speak with dignity and grace. Bring all your passion and charisma with you. That’s it. You NAILED it!

You will see some nodding heads and smiling faces of people who are with you. But at the same time, you will observe some red faces and dirty looks. Relax! It’s completely okay. This is how the world works these days. Everyone cannot accept you and your opinions. But hold on, there is something really good about it. “You just made those folks in your audience FEEL” – Congratulations!

It shows that you had enough of impact for some people to absolutely like you and others dislike. What matters is, you made them feel and think. You derive this confidence of being so impactful not simply being liked by people rather by finding something that is more important you. And to boost this confidence you need to develop true authenticity in your speaking. Also, not all the things that need to be said are ‘happy’ or ‘shiny’. Sometimes, we need to be the speaker of the hard truths, no matter who likes it. Always remember who you are.

Think of when you’re most comfortable. When you’re around friends think of how fun, engaging, and entertaining you are. This is who you are, at your very core, no matter who does or doesn’t like what you have to say. Similarly, if you move your focus to a message you deeply believe in, it’s no longer important who feels uncomfortable. And at the end of the day, if someone doesn’t like you in the audience, that’s their deal, not yours. Once you find something you believe in – something that goes beyond your desire to be loved – you will become bolder and more fearless than you thought possible.
After all, Public speaking is about being AUTHENTIC.
Just be yourself and SPEAK UP!

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