Apr 172017

(Join: 9999947824) You cooked a great dish, but nobody could relish it, then who are there to praise your cooking?

Of course nobody. Likewise, if you’ve delivered a wonderful speech, but its volume remained to yourself only, will it really be counted as a public speaking? Never.!!!

Your message will fail to create its impact on your audience if your listeners have to strain their ears to catch your words.
Be always on an audible tone. Audience may lose their interest from your speech after few attempts if you are not audible to them. So judge yourself for audibility to the every corner of the auditorium . A microphone would be a great thing to you.
If possible, bringing your audience a little bit closer to you may also be a good option. You may also try moving closer to them.

Try requesting your audience to sit on the front seats rather than on the last seats, if they rare small in numbers. This will make your listener sitting closer.

Can a small hall be a help for a small-size audience? Yes. Suppose your audience is only less than 50 in number, why would you book a 300 seater hall? Most of the times, it creates scattered sitting. If the option allows, choose another smaller room for an excellent acoustic result.
And one thing must to keep a watch upon is that you should always try to make sure that any voice that is not produced by you, must not be produced at all. Also if you are in a habit to make any noise yourself like clicking a pen or something, avoid that completely.

And the last, the smallest and the most important point to keep in mind is that don’t speak while applause or laughter. Such noise shall quell your precious words. Be patient, calm and composed. Wait, the audience is there only for you only.

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