Apr 082017

(Join: 9999947824) Does losing eye contact really make you lose your precious audience?

Does losing eye contact really make you lose your precious audience?

Well, it does indeed! Let me tell you how!

If you have ever faced an angry father or a furious teacher, you must have noticed that the maximum intensity of anger is conveyed by his eyes only. Had there been no eye contact, the result of the anger would have been much lesser.

Of course, it is a well proven fact that communication can never succeed if it is done only through words. In fact, words contribute only 7 percent of the total communication. The rest is done by the correct body language and eye contact is a major part of it.

If your words are shot at your listener without making an eye contact, then the listener has very close to cent percent chance of believing that the words are not yours, but of someone else’s. Means, you yourself don’t stand by your own words, then why would your listener buy into it.
Pursuasion is almost impossible if it is done while avoiding eye contact. Avoiding eye contact genrally means you have a guilt of something. Also, it conveys a message to your audience that for you they or their pressence doesn’t matter to you.

And, the most important thing is that eye contact gives you an insight of your audience. While speaking, you can easily judge yourself as to which direction your speech is heading. Is your audience gaining interest, or losing it? Are they looking at you with a welcome eagerness, or more interested in telling you a goodbye?

So, in a nutshell, you can never avoid the most vital mode of communication, that is, the Eye Contact, while standing on the stage and holding the mike.

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