May 062017

Defying the only Khan-legacy of Bollywood of entering the “One hundred crore club” in its first week, this South Indian Movie, Bahubali 2 has shattered it all by earning way more than 100 crore on its very first day of opening. As it is anticipated, will this Prabhas and Rana Daggubati starrer movie create a magnificent record of 1000 crore club?

Well, time will decide but as the whole country is intoxicated with the magnificent success of the Rajamouli’s lavish visual creation, our today’s article will celebrate the same using the funny examples of idioms related to “Water”.

1. Come hell or high water : No matter what happens.
Example: It’s the first show Bahubali 2 tomorrow, but my leave has not been granted yet. I have waited a lot to know why Kattappa killed Bahubali. Come hell or high water, I won’t come tomorrow and will go to watch Bahubali 2.

2. A fish out of water : Feel really uncomfortable.

Example: I haven’t watched any part of Bahubali. So when everyone at my office was discussing Bahubali 2 with great excitement, I felt like a fish out of water.

3. Doesn’t Hold Water : Something that cannot be trust easily. A baseless statement.

Example: I think the news of Bahubali 2 earning 200 Cr on the very first day doesn’t hold water. It’s all based on rumours and are more of a publicity stunt. I think media should wait to get the actual official data before they declare any creation of record by Bahubali 2.

4. To be dead in the water: When a plan is dead in the water, it means it has failed to accomplish and has lost all the hope to be completed.
Example: Our boss was all ready to take all the staffs on the first day, first show of Bahubali 2. But, since suddenly a very good client of ours withdrew its project from us, our most awaited program of watching Bahubali 2 together is now dead in the water.

5. To be in deep water: To be in a difficult situation and you find it hard to deal with.
Example: I know, my dear wife, that I had promised you to take you to watch the first day show of Bahubali 2, but, now I am in deep water. And my job may be at risk if I take any leave to catch the first day show. We shall watch Bahubali 2 this Sunday.

6. Pour cold water on other’s opinions or ideas: If you pour cold water on other’s opinions or ideas, you criticize them and stop believing them. You stop being excited about them, rather discourage them to do what they are excited about.


I really don’t want to pour cold water on your plan, but I beg to differ. I strongly oppose your plan of skipping your class by telling a lie to your parents to make them watch Bahubali 2 is not going to make them any happy with you. They will, in fact, infuriate when the truth falls upon them.

So friends, these may come handy while having discussion, not only on Bahubnali 2, but on anything. Hope you like it.

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