Dec 042017

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No matter where you go or to whom you speak and what you speak, but it really matters how you speak.

Yes its true that your expressions, body language, and gesture speak more loud than your voice or tone. The public listens what you say the content which you have but they will understand the topic better when your way or speaking, way of delivering the message, body language, body gesture, hand movement, facial expressions are communicating with them more than your words which you deliver.

Few things needs to be taken care while giving the presentation or speaking in public:

  • You should always show your positive attitude.
  • You should always face the public or the audience, to whom you are delivering the message.
  • Eye contact should be there.
  • Whether you know about the correct explanation, topic or not it should never come up on your facial expressions.
  • The way you cover the stage or the presentation area matters a lot.
  • You should always be attentive.
  • The confidence should be 100% if you lie also.
  • Might be your target audience does not get convince what you show or tell them but they should be impressed with the your confidence and attitude.
  • Never pretend your public that you don’t know what to speak.
  • Don’t use heavy words, because it reduce your pronunciation and then you fumble which effects your confidence.
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