May 272011
How to Tell Time in English

It’s very easy to learn the art of telling time in English. Now, you won’t have to feel embarrassed before others. Here are some very good examples: 04:10 – It is ten past four. 03:20 – It is twenty past three. 10:10 – It is ten past ten. 10:45 – It is fifteen minutes to […]

Apr 302011

Incorrect: Accomodate Correct: Accommodate Incorrect: Arguement Correct: Argument Incorrect: Acheive Correct: Achieve Incorrect: Accross Correct: Across Incorrect: basicly Correct: basically Incorrect: begining Correct: beginning Incorrect: bizzare Correct: bizarre Incorrect: calender Correct: calendar Incorrect: chauffer Correct: chauffeur Incorrect: commitee Correct: committee Incorrect: curiousity Correct: curiosity Incorrect: definately Correct: definitely Incorrect: embarass Correct: embarrass Incorrect: florescent Correct: […]