Nov 052015
Public Speaking Championship Held At WABS TALK

Students of WABS TALK Rajouri Garden (New Delhi, India) have got wonderful exposure because of the Public Speaking Championship held at WABS TALK Rajouri. Students had to go through impromptu rounds, speeches, presentations before 3 of them were declared winners. WABS TALK students were really thankful for the wonderful opportunity given to them for confronting […]

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Jun 092015
WABS TALK organised Public Speaking Championship

WABS TALK (Rajouri Garden) organises Public Speaking Championship every month. Students of Wabs Talk participate and try their best to tell stories, give speeches or presentations. Students get to deliver before hundreds of people every month. This kind of Public Speaking Championship is a good confidence booster for students. Our students love it. Wabs Talk […]

Jan 022015
Difference between confusing words Fit and Suit

  This video explains the difference between commonly confused words like Fit and Suit. The explanation and the examples given are very simple and easily understandable. Keep visiting for such free and valuable lessons. Video Script: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Reuben and you are watching Wabs Talk videos. Well, I believe you all […]

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Oct 062014

We all feel fear initially, but some people learn to overcome it. Therefore, it is not fear itself that is the problem, but how we react when faced with it. For some people the fear is motivating. For others it creates a state of complete paralysis. People who overcome fear view it from a position […]

Aug 072014

English is a global language. It acts as a passport which can take you anywhere in the world. It makes you acceptable in the society. English creates a strong impression about your personality. Know all the facts? Still afraid to speak English! No need to worry now. Below are some ways to improve your confidence […]