Dec 112017
Expressions Related to Fish | Video Tutorial

Watch online tutorial : Learn some interesting expressions related to Fish Follow Our Websites & Official Pages for more lessons!… Become a phenomenal speaker with Wabs Talk(Moti Nagar)! Join our ‘English and public speaking course’! Visit the link for details: or or 9999947824

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Aug 152017
The 5 major Soft Skills you surely learn at Wabs Talk

You may be a good technician, a computer whiz, a Java Programmer, an amazing animator, a knowledgeable professor, or a scientific genius, or a faculty of any subject, but, to be successful, you need more than just the expertise in your subject. Every employer, these days, are looking for this miraculous thing that they believe […]

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Jun 152017
How to write an amazing icebreaker speech

An icebreaker speech is the first speech that you give and help yourself unfold in front of the other members. It is nothing but the written form of yourself. It gives us an insight about your life journey so far, your struggles of life and lessons you learned from them. Actually it let us know […]

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