Apr 302011

Incorrect: Accomodate Correct: Accommodate Incorrect: Arguement Correct: Argument Incorrect: Acheive Correct: Achieve Incorrect: Accross Correct: Across Incorrect: basicly Correct: basically Incorrect: begining Correct: beginning Incorrect: bizzare Correct: bizarre Incorrect: calender Correct: calendar Incorrect: chauffer Correct: chauffeur Incorrect: commitee Correct: committee Incorrect: curiousity Correct: curiosity Incorrect: definately Correct: definitely Incorrect: embarass Correct: embarrass Incorrect: florescent Correct: […]

Mar 192011
Simple Steps to Learn Good and Effective English

Learning and speaking English is not that difficult. If you follow these simple steps you can really learn quickly: Speak without Fear and Have Confidence The biggest problem many people face in learning a new language is their own fear. They worry that they are not saying things correctly or that they will look stupid […]