Jun 062016
The Great Debate Competition!

(Call to join: 09999947824)On Sunday the 10th of April, 2016, WABS TALK (MOTI NAGAR) organised The Debate Competition. 36 participants were shortlisted. It took around 36 debates and 6 rounds of individual debates to finally find our winner. She had to defeat 6 opponents to eventually receive ‘The Best Debate Award’. Congratulations to the winner!

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Apr 052016

•Do not stand upon ceremony. Takaloof na karo. •Make the bed please. Bistar bichha do. •Unpack the luggage. Saaman khool do. •Let him say first. Pehle use kehne do. •Write me to this address. Mujhe is pattey se part bhejna. •Now try this suit on. Ab jara yeh suit pehan kar dekho. •Thread the needle. […]

Jan 112016
Debate Competition to Improve Soft Skills

WABS TALK MOTI NAGAR organises many ‪competitions‬ to ‪boost‬ the ‪confidence‬ of the ‪trainees‬! Today, on ‪Sunday‬ the ‪10th‬ of ‪January‬, another ‪‎competition‬, named ‪Debate‬ Competition, was organised for ‪students‬. 32 ‪intermediates‬ were shortlisted from different batches‬ and a debate on a random ‪topic‬ with a random ‪student‬ selected with the help of chits was […]

Jun 222015
Outer Grooming Session Held at TILAK NAGAR - Interview Skills

One is expected to be well groomed in today’s work culture. A person who is off to an interview has to ensure that he or she is well groomed. The prospective employers always assess a person by his or her grooming habits as well. A sales person dealing with his or her client has to […]