Apr 122016
Challenge The Challenge

Thinking will not overcome your fear but action will. Face what you fear and fear disappears. Reuben Singh is our head trainer. Reuben has always been afraid of heights, but he has skydived finally to overcome his fear. Watch his video here:

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Jan 232013
I would recommend WabsTalk as "THE BEST" place to learn English online

I must say, Wabstalk did an outstanding job in making me speak good English.I took the course over the Internet and It’s almost like attending a real class. I can see and talk to the instructor at all times during the course duration. Hats off to My instructor. She taught me basic to intermediate level […]

Jan 052012
How to Get a Good Job - Workable tips

Most of the people of the modern world go for those things which can pass their three-point criteria: 1. quality, 2. attractive packaging, and 3. good marketing. Similarly your talent won’t get its deserved place in this world until you project and market yourself in a way that can impress others. Most of the young […]

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Aug 252011
Comprehensive Test Paper of English Language to Check your ability

Q1. Complete the following sentences by using appropriate Modals: 20 Marks 1. Children ………. not become the member of this club. 2. You ………. take care of your parents. 3. We ………. read in this school in childhood. 4. We ………. not attend your birthday party because we had test. 5. ………. he ………. participate […]

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