Feb 022017
Number Related Idioms in English

(Call to join: 9999947824, 9643455860) One, two, three! What are they? They all are Numbers. Usually, people think we can use numbers only for calculating something, in mathematics or in currency. Well, we can use numbers for expressing many things in English too. Through this article, you will get to know about the use of […]

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Jan 312017
Cake Related Idioms in English

(Call to join: 9999947824, 9643455860) Where do we need CAKE? Cake is often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. What if we could use ‘Cake’ in English too. In English, there are many idioms related to Cake through which we can express many things. Have a look at […]

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Jan 292017
Idiomatic Expressions to Compliment Looks

(Call to join: 9999947824, 9643455860) Neha looks gorgeous in red dress. Alizeh looks attractive whenever she wear golden gown. In these two sentences I have given compliment to Alizeh and Neha. Giving compliment is common but how we give compliment matters a lot. We have been using words like gorgeous, attractive, classy, good-looking etc. for […]

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Jan 282017
Color Related Idioms

(Call to join: 9999947824, 9643455860) A student blacked out during assembly and he had to sit down and rest. He is a yellow-bellied. He didn’t help me when a thief snatched my bag. He is a shrinking violet whenever a girl talks to him, he doesn’t express himself. There is one common thing among these […]

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