Nov 052015
Public Speaking Championship Held At WABS TALK

Students of WABS TALK Rajouri Garden (New Delhi, India) have got wonderful exposure because of the Public Speaking Championship held at WABS TALK Rajouri. Students had to go through impromptu rounds, speeches, presentations before 3 of them were declared winners. WABS TALK students were really thankful for the wonderful opportunity given to them for confronting […]

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Jan 052012
Top most plus point of WabsTalk: Here you get rid off your hesitation and become confident

Atmosphere and guideline are good. Top most plus point of WabsTalk (Tilak Nagar) is that teachers provide us a platform where we can speak without hesitation. It helps students to build up self-confidence. It is good that teachers check our level and teach accordingly. Teachers try their best to help us overcome our weak points. […]

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May 032011
Join LSE (WabsTalk) for the Best English Coaching

Hello, I’m POOJA and I have been the STUDENT of LSE (Rajouri Garden, 2nd Floor Gupta Palace, Opp. Metro Station, New Delhi. Ph.: 9311111396, 9971502715). I have got the best teaching method here. I learnt so many things here, got confidence and improvement, started speaking English with confidence after. In other institutes where they make […]

May 032011

Today women enjoy a good status in our society. Constitution of India provides equal rights for men and women. Women are playing a very important role in the development of our country. They are getting education and working at high posts. In spite of it crimes against women are rising. It is a big blot […]