Apr 112016
I'm able to motivate people because of WABS TALK PUBLIC SPEAKING

Our SuperHumanSkills Course student at WABS TALK PUBLIC SPEAKING (RAJOURI GARDEN) has transformed himself immensely. Once a shy speaker, Vineet Mittal (CA) is motivating masses these days. Here is the thank you message below that has been sent by Vineet on FB to one of our head trainers…….

Apr 112016
The Great Debate Competition!

(Call to join: 09999947824)On Sunday the 10th of April, 2016, WABS TALK (MOTI NAGAR) organised The Debate Competition. 36 participants were shortlisted. It took around 36 debates and 6 rounds of individual debates to finally find our winner. She had to defeat 6 opponents to eventually receive ‘The Best Debate Award’. Congratulations to the winner!

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Apr 072016

Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Choose between affirmative and negative. 1. I got a C on my Science test. I……(should / do) better than that. 2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It…..(may / be) your fault. It just…..(could / be) a more difficult test than usual. 3. No, it…..(could / […]