Aug 222013
9 Tips to Become a Great Speaker Like Obama

Public speaking is a great art and it can be learnt by anybody to near perfection. In modern world the best example can be Barack Obama, president of the USA. He wins half of his political battles with his powerful speech delivery. If we have to explain his speaking skills in one sentence we can [...]

Aug 212013
WABS TALK should be the Top Ranked English and Public Speaking Institute: Deepika

WABS TALK is an institution where I have honed my Public Speaking, English Speaking and Personality Development. Here, I’ve gained confidence to speak before anyone confidently and effectively. Now, my hesitation has gone and I’ve become ambivert. I think I can explain in better way now. With the help of sir (Rocky Saggoo) my vocabulary [...]

Aug 212013
Do you want to get a job in MNC? - WabsTalk the best institute in Delhi

I want to thank wabsTalk Institute wholeheartedly. I am very thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to pursue the course which enabled me to join in the top MNC. I am thankful to the faculty who provided me with knowledge of the industry whenever I needed it. All I am today and where [...]

Aug 122013
Become Confident English Speaker - Join WabsTalk

I am Sunil Kumar. I have completed my 3 months course in WabsTalk. The most precious thing which I have got from WabsTalk is the self confidence. Here I came to know what my negative points are and how to get rid off them. Earlier I was a negative thinker but now I am a [...]