Nov 072014
Wanna learn how to handle stage and your audience confidently - Join WabsTalk

Communication skill is the most important factor in developing a good personality. How will you express your thoughts if your orating power is not good? It was my problem. I was that kind of a person who performed very well in written English but I used to become nervous in spoken. Handling stage was a […]

Oct 062014

We all feel fear initially, but some people learn to overcome it. Therefore, it is not fear itself that is the problem, but how we react when faced with it. For some people the fear is motivating. For others it creates a state of complete paralysis. People who overcome fear view it from a position […]

Sep 292014
Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and Ghosts - Live from Bhangarh (Asia's Most Haunted Place)

Trainer at WABS TALK ‘Rocky Saggoo’ talking about ‘Glossophobia’ (Fear of Public Speaking) and Phasmophobia (Fear of Ghosts) during his trip to ‘Bhangarh Fort’ (Asia’s Most Haunted Place). Speaker said that he always kept thinking the ideas about overcoming his fears, but nothing was happening, until that one day. By chance, he came across the […]