Feb 042015

Madhav : Hello, I’m Madhav Jha. I’m new to English Club. Riya : Hi. My name is Riyankshi, but please call me Riya. Madhav : OK. Where are you from, Riya? Riya : Kerala. How about you? Madhav : I’m from Gujarat. Riya : Oh, I love Gujarat! It’s really beautiful. Madhav : Thanks. So […]

Jan 302015
Most Inspirational Story Ever Told - Watch the Video

MOST INSPIRATIONAL STORY – Poor labour from Bihar ‘Dashrath Manjhi’ has inspired millions by carving the path through mountain. He is also known as ‘The Mountain Man’. Dashrath Manjhi carved the path through mountain over the period of 22 years. His success story is extraordinary and amazing. One of our Public Speaking Trainers ‘Rocky Saggoo’ […]