Jan 062015
Stay Focused and Be Obstinate Like a Kid - Inspirational Video (Do Watch)

One of our trainers ‘Rocky Saggoo’ has told a short story about his kid in this video. He told that how he learnt valuable ideas of controlling Public Speaking Anxiety from his son. “If You want to control or overcome your fear of Public Speaking, you need to focus on your message, not on yourself […]

Jan 022015
Best English Institute in Delhi/NCR - WabsTalk

    I got to know about Wabstalk (Tilak Nagar) through Internet. Wabstalk is a good institute to learn English and increase our confidence level. Wabstalk provides various activities in the Institute like debate, group discussions, on the spot speaking, speech, presentation and so on. It arranges various competitions to help students get rid off […]

Jan 022015
Difference between confusing words Fit and Suit

  This video explains the difference between commonly confused words like Fit and Suit. The explanation and the examples given are very simple and easily understandable. Keep visiting for such free and valuable lessons. Video Script: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My name is Reuben and you are watching Wabs Talk videos. Well, I believe you all […]

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