Mar 182011

MEENA: Where did you go last night? PAMMI: I attended a music concert. MADHU: Where was the music concert? PAMMI: It was in National Stadium. MADHU: Where is this stadium? PAMMI: It is near India Gate. MEENA: Who organised this concert? PAMMI: It was organised by Lions Club. MEENA:: Which musicians or singers were called? […]

Mar 172011
Tips on How to Improve Spoken English

As learning English has become an international craze a lot of people try different means to improve their spoken English.  Many want to improve it without even learning Grammar. In case, your mother tongue is English you do not actually need to learn grammar.  You will learn English naturally.  But if it is not your […]

Mar 172011

NITA: Hello!  Am I talking to Mr. Bill, the electrician? BILL:  Yeah M’am. NITA: Could you come to our home?  There is an electrical problem? BILL  What’s the problem M’am? NITA:   Lights are not working properly.  There is a smell of burning.  Probably wires are burning some where, but I am unable to know. BILL:   […]