Sep 272017
Idioms on Technical Words | Learn English & Grammar

In India, almost everyone is in the race of becoming an Engineer or a Doctor. Means, India is growing technically. So, let’s have our today’s discussion be on Idioms based on technical word. Pull the plug:  Pull the plug means to put an end to an activity that had been continuing till then. Example: 1. […]

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Sep 272017
Best speakers of our 'Monday & Tuesday Monologue Session'!

(Join: 9999947824) If you have never failed you have never lived!✌️Best speakers of our ‘Monday & Tuesday Monologue Session’! (25.09.2017-26.09.201) You can also become a phenomenal speaker with Wabs Talk(Moti Nagar)! Join our ‘English and public speaking course’! Visit the link for details:  

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Sep 262017
Another Wabs Talk Student Got Placed! Happy Students!😊

(Join: 9999947824) Another Wabs Talk Student got Placed!🙇 Happy Students!😊😋 Recognized as one of the Best Spoken English and Public Speaking institute in New Delhi NCR, WABS TALK has received much admiration for fulfilling its pledge by transforming the lives of its students into a successful future. Hopefully, we shall keep doing the same💪😊 You can […]

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Sep 262017
Keyword Speech Competition on 01-10-17 at 11AM

(Join: 9999947824) Wabs Talk is back with one more interesting competition this weekend. Wabs Talk is excited to present the Keyword Speech Competition, a competition dedicated exclusively to the members of Wabs Talk for enhancing their public speaking skills. An interesting keyword would be given to participants and they have to give speech on that […]

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