Mar 212017
The 5 P's of Public Speaking

When we watch celebrities, politicians, or business leaders speak on television or in public, they seem so at ease that we may wonder:  are great speakers made, or are they just born that way? While it is true that some individuals are definitely born with this gift, the overwhelming majority of effective speakers have trained […]

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Mar 152017

(Join: 9999947824) Your credibility as a speaker is so important that if you don’t have it — if the audience doesn’t find you credible — you might as well stop speaking. For any number of reasons, consciously and unconsciously, people decide whether and how much they trust you.  Your credibility depends on three factors: 1. […]

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Mar 142017
How to Deal with Performance Anxiety?

(Join: 9999947824) Performance anxiety? It can be a tool to enhance your public speaking… only if you hack it the right way! Public speaking and performance anxiety go hand in hand for many people. Nightmares like forgetting lines, losing notes, or fumbling over words can wake some folks up in the middle of the night […]

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