Aug 292016
The Great Spontaneous Speech Competition

Dear Future Leaders, (Call to join: 09999947824) Sunday the 28th of August, 2016, ‘The Great Spontaneous Speech Competition’ was held at WABS TALK (MOTI NAGAR). Hats off to All the participants for putting up a great competition with such a great spirit! All the participants delivered amazing instant speeches, listened patiently to all the other […]

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Aug 252016
Aspiring Pilot Describes his Journey with Wabs Talk

  (Call to join: 09999947824) My name is Praveen Kumar and I am from Odisha. I had a great time with WABS TALK(MOTI NAGAR). And my speaking skills have improved a lot. Thanks to Reuben sir who is so motivational and inspirational. I want to thank my mates who also helped me in my speaking skills. […]

Aug 252016
Gain Confidence – Join WabsTalk

It was a beautiful experience in Wabs Talk (Tilak Nagar). I enjoyed a lot here and my confidence level also boosted up here. In Wabs Talk there is such an enthusiastic atmosphere that it helps you build your interest more and more in English language. Teachers of Wabs Talk are so sweet, they help you […]

Aug 222016
Food Related Idioms

Dear Future Leaders, (Call to join: 09999947824) A Very Good Morning! Have a nice morning meal and watch this video on ‘Food Related Idioms!’ Happy learning! (Shot at WABS TALK MOTI NAGAR)

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