Apr 072016
#Challenge the challenge

  (Call to join: 09999947824) Greetings and Salutations Ladies and Gentlemen! Our Corporate Soft Skills Trainer ‘Reuben Singh’ at WABSTALK MOTI NAGAR centre has made an attempt to deliver a very important to everyone with the aid of this video. Hope you like it #challengethechallenge

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Apr 062016
Thanks to Wabs Talk for making me confident

First of all, I would like to thank Wabs Talk (TILAK NAGAR) for improving my English. I learnt so many things in coaching. Now my confidence level is very high . I can face any situation after taking coaching. Before joining this coaching, I used to get nervous in front of others. Now I feel […]

Apr 052016

•Do not stand upon ceremony. Takaloof na karo. •Make the bed please. Bistar bichha do. •Unpack the luggage. Saaman khool do. •Let him say first. Pehle use kehne do. •Write me to this address. Mujhe is pattey se part bhejna. •Now try this suit on. Ab jara yeh suit pehan kar dekho. •Thread the needle. […]