Jan 272015
Fall For vs. Fall Out vs. Fall Behind

  Video script: Hi friends! You are watching Wabs Talk video. I am Chetna and today’s lesson we are gonna start with ‘phrasal verbs’. I will use very easy language to help you understand this topic. So, today’s phrasal verbs are gonna be with the verb ‘fall’. ‘Fall out, fall for and fall behind’. Fall […]

Jan 272015
How to Sound Like a Native English Speaker

This video explains the method of pronunciation of the Indian people and the method of the pronunciation of the native English speakers. If you wish to sound good while you speak English, do watch this video. Wabs Talk specializes in training of English Language. It is run by a team of experienced teachers who have […]

Jan 212015

1. A new bill …….. (introduce) in the parliament during the next session. The draft of the bill ……… (examine) currently by experts. It …….. (send) to the experts in December last year. 2. Thousands of people ……. (kill) in the earthquake in Gujarat last month. Many villages …….. (destroy) completely . Now new houses […]

Jan 102015

1. The building is not safe and must be _______ down a) pull b) pulling c) pulled 2. There is something wonderful _____ him. a) of b) about c) inside 3. I’m a dentist.____________ do you do? a) why b) What c) When 4. I will help you _______I am with you. a) As soon […]