May 132017
Website was Hacked by PEP TALK

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused during the past days as our website was hacked by PEP TALK (Owner Mr. Rocky Saggoo) and many pages links were redirected to their website links. We didn’t realise for many days but now corrected. Here is a screenshot showing everything.

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Mar 082017
Tuesday Monologue Session Best Speakers (7-3-17)

Good oratory skill is the most powerful tool one can have! Witness Wabstalkers here improving their oratory skills! Sharing the pics of best speakers from our ‘Tuesday Monologue Session’. (7-3-17) You can also become a phenomenal speaker with Wabs Talk(Moti Nagar)! Join our ‘English and public speaking course’!

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